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Dr. David Doernbach, Ed.D., has been teaching ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) to the standards of the American Heart Association (AHA) since 1975. His extremely entertaining teaching style make each of his courses enjoyable as well as informative. He has taken all of the ACLS AHA slides and made them more visually appealing adding music, animation, and video taking over two years to compile.

Unlike most ACLS Instructors, he doesn't want you to memorize all of the protocols. He considers it much more important to know WHY you are doing what you are doing. Rote memorization unfortunately usually leaves the student 15 minutes after the course finishes. He prefers to concentrate on how a drug or therapy works so that the information finds its way into long term memory.

His educational philosophy is...."Repetition is the mother of Retention"

He interacts with each student to reduce stress and encourage learning. Lacking in most other instructors, his unique techniques of motivation, teaching, and stress reduction have been honed in over hundreds of ACLS courses and thousands of students.

Dr. Doernbach makes his living teaching ACLS, education is not just a sideline. Go with the best, go with Dr. David Doernbach MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!

He can not guarantee that you will pass the course, no one can do that, however, he will guarantee that you will walk out of the course saying that this was the best course you've every had or your money will be cheerfully refunded. Well, maybe not cheerfully, but refunded promptly.

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