In need of your Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Certification?

We provide quality, relaxed ACLS education. Expert instruction combined with a temperate educational philosophy allow us to provide STRESS-LESS ACLS GUARANTEED!


This course is targeted at all health and dental professionals (physicians, dentists, dental hygienists, paramedics oral surgeons, RNs, LPNs, CRTTs, etc.) that desire or are required to be verified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). This seminar teaches the skills and theory which are necessary to successfully complete the ACLS course. CPR reverification courses are available.


This offering is designed so that each participant will have individualized attention. The course is unique in that the primary instructor, David Doernbach, recognizes that adult learners should be treated with respect and compassion so learning can be maximized. The schedule is based upon whether you are a Dental or Medical client.

Dental Clients

AGD education sponsor

When training Dental Clients, Dr. Dave comes to the office and trains both you and your staff to support you during the emergency. VSU, Incorporated is an approved PACE Program Provider with the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). When teaching Dentists, in addition to the necessary medical simulations necessary to be certified in ACLS, Dr. Dave incorporates dental emergencies including laryngospasm, anaphalaxis, bronchospasm, seizures, obstructed airway, etc. In Dentistry, it is important to train the staff as well as the Dentist as whatever orders are given, the staff need to be able interpret and carry them out in a prudent fashion which can only be done when they have been trained to use the equipment. For a complete course description, covered objectives, cost, etc. call 662-363-6940 for further information and exact specifics more



Medical Clients


Medical clients arrive at the course with a one day affair. The course may take place at a hospital or educational institution. Classes begin at 8 AM and conclude by 6 PM. A basic course in ECG interpretation is encouraged, but not required. Simulations are hospital based.


Course Objectives

By the completion of the course, the participant will have successfully completed all of the ACLS skill testing and written examination necessary for verification.

Generic Course Schedule for Medical Clients

0730-0735 Welcome and Introduction of Material
0735-0745 Overview of Course Objectives
0745-0755 Course Organization
0755-0825 BLS Primary and ACLS Secondary Survey
0825-0855 CPR video with concurrent practice
0855-0905 Break
0905-0935 CPR testing
0935-1005 Airway Management
1005-1015 Break
1015-1045 Managment of Respiratory Arrest testing
1045-1055 Technology Review
1055-1125 Acute Coronary Syndrome
1125-1205 Lunch
1205-1235 Actue Ischemic Stroke
1235-1305 Algorithm/Protocol lecture/discussion
1305-1315 Break
1315-1345 MegaCode and Team Resuscitation Concept
1345-1445 Pulseless Arrest Algorithm practice
1445-1455 Break
1455-1525 Hemodynamically significant Bradycardia Practice
1525-1555 Unstable and Stable Tachycardia Practice
1555-1605 Break
1605-1635 MegaCode Practice
1635-1725 MegaCode Testing
1725-1800 Written exam and remediation

Recertification Course

If you are thinking of enrolling, you must:

Know that you can prepare for testing on your own but with help from dr Dave.


Continuing Education Sponsors Accreditation



AAFP: The Commission on Continuing Professional Development (COCPD) has awarded a maximum of 8 Prescribed credits for successful completion of an Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Recertification of a Health Care Provider course sponsored by the American Heart Association. AAFP members may self-report Prescribed credit for completing this life support activity without documentation. As required by the COCPD, the date and location of the activity are noted and the course agenda is printed on the back of each attendance certificate awarded for completion. This statement reflects information relating to changes in awarding credits in Life Support Activities as of April, 2009


The Nursing Board of the State of Arkansas allows 10.0 contact hours for successful completion of any American Heart Association ACLS courses .


Potential Conflict of Interest Disclaimer:

To make students aware of real or perceived conflicts of interest that might relate to this presentation, the following Faculty relate the following:

VSU, Inc., the parent company of Dr. Doernbach and his wife Dr. Donna Harmon, is a reseller of equipment that relate to dealing with medical and/or dental emergencies (CPR boards, oxygen management equipment, medication and airway bags, ect.)

All faculty will make every effort to use generic terms when describing emergency management equipment during the presentation. In addition, all Faculty have agreed to refrane from including any discussion of an “off-label” use of any commercial product within the presentation.