Basic ECG Interpretation Courses

Have you always wanted to learn ECGs but were too intimated by the perceived difficulty of the material? Well, the best learning experience has arrived. Dr. Doernbach's ECG Interpretation class is now being offered to all levels of health professionals. His unique teaching techniques will allow you to learn and retain all of the necessary information to feel comfortable with ECG interpretation.

Most ECG courses are taught in hospitals spread out over many weeks and months by CCU nurses that are not necessarily trained educators. Dr. Doernbach's unique "right-brain" approach to teaching strategies will give the same amount of learning but will take place in only 3 days.

Like most adults, the educational system that trained you did not allow for differences in individual learning styles and patterns. Memorization was usually accomplished through endless written and/or oral repetition and reading was the primary mode of information input. If you fitted the mold, you did well. If you didn't, academic life was rough.

One favored educational theory of information processing is the right brain/left brain theory. A great deal of research has been done on mapping the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The popular consensus being that the left half is primarily responsible for processing information in a logical, linear fashion as opposed to the right which processes intuitively and spatially. People process information using both halves but lean toward one side or the other. The right half of the brain tends to be associated with pictures, intuition, emotions, imagination, humor, spatial concepts, music, color, body movement (dance), creativity, and drama. The left half tends to be linked with verbal skills, logic, analysis, seriousness, type-A personality, end-result orientation, and a high work-ethic.

Traditional education systems employ primarily left brain techniques leaving right brain processors to make do. Now however, Dr. Doernbach has developed an educational system that uses mental images to help learners remember ECG information easily rather than writing down each and every fact over and over. Dr. Doernbach's co-authored the first two editions of ECG Workout - Exercises in Arrhythmia Interpretation Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins. It is now in it's fourth edition and authored solely by by Jane Huff.

Since Dr. Doernbach has been involved since the beginning with this excellent textbook it is required during his ECG courses. The student is responsible for the purchase of the book. CEUS are available.